Refresh Miami MAVI revs up in-car shopping experience with $1.775 million funding round

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First ever OnMyWay™ Commerce Platform, to Offer Dashboard Commerce via HARMAN IGNITE Sto

It’s 7pm. You’re driving home from work, tired from a long day of building #MiamiTech. The last thing you want to do is fire up your stove and cook a meal. But ordering your food from the car is a hassle – juggling multiple apps and driver un-friendly devices.

In-car Commerce App Launches With Pilot Retail Program

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WWD-HARMAN-5.0-Curbside-Arrival5 has secured a $1.78 million investment that includes funding from an affiliate of the Jay Schottenstein family

As consumers crave greater personalization, convenience, ease of use and speed of online shopping, brings to market an “in-car commerce” app that allows shoppers to order goods right from their dashboard.