Refresh Miami MAVI revs up in-car shopping experience with $1.775 million funding round

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Refresh Miami

March 24, 2022

First ever OnMyWay™ Commerce Platform, to Offer Dashboard Commerce via HARMAN IGNITE Sto

It’s 7pm. You’re driving home from work, tired from a long day of building #MiamiTech. The last thing you want to do is fire up your stove and cook a meal. But ordering your food from the car is a hassle – juggling multiple apps and driver un-friendly devices.

But with a new platform just launched by Miami-based MAVI, finding, ordering, paying for, and coordinating the delivery of daily staples like food directly from your car will be easier than ever. MAVI OnMyWay is an in-car shopping experience that will be available via the HARMAN Ignite Store connected vehicle platform beginning in mid-2022.

The startup, located in the Wynwood neighborhood, has just landed a $1.775 million investment from an affiliate of the Jay Schottenstein family and a group of angel investors that includes former Amazon executives and other retail leaders to bring their product to life.

OnMyWay works in any 4G-enabled vehicle that allows payments. It connects the car’s interface and data to retailers’ e-commerce stores. The platform takes into consideration a store’s inventory on top of the driver’s location, route, destination, order and payment preferences, and loyalty program memberships. 

MAVI’s platform can have a positive environmental impact because it reduces the number of trips drivers need to make. It also can eliminate the added traffic congestion, packaging and fuel associated with at-home deliveries from stores that shoppers are already driving past.

“Drivers love the convenience of curbside pickup and they want to be able to shop from their cars safely and efficiently in order to make the most of each trip,” commented Cynthia Hollen, MAVI’s co-founder and CEO, [pictured below].