Will in-car ordering reinvent the drive-thru?

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Hickory, NC, USA-2/28/19: A local BurgerFi fast food restaurant, with over 100 locations.

For a number of years, quick-serve restaurants have been piloting different combinations of technology to try to address drive-thru bottlenecks. Now a new solution is bringing voice ordering right to the car’s interior.

BurgerFi recently became the first food establishment to launch in-car ordering on vehicles that are equipped with 5G. The solution, from Mavi.io, hopes to streamline a driver’s ability to connect with grocers, pharmacies, restaurants, nail salons and other businesses to facilitate ordering, payment and curbside pickup.

Eat This, Not That! wrote, “The purchasing process is conducted hands-free via voice and data displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard screen. The driver simply engages the MAVI.io system, verbally states what they want to buy, and is then met with a list of suitable recommendations. The user next places a specific order, again via voice, and the system coordinates placing the order and GPS guidance, leading the driver to the pickup destination, complete with their own real-time ETA and the status of the order.

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