What is MAVI’s OnMyWay™ Commerce?

OnMyWay™ Commerce brings easy, curated shopping to the dashboard of customer vehicles. OnMyWay™ payment-enabled Connected Cars meet the needs of “immediate purchase” customers with location, ordering, product recommendation, payment, and pickup coordination. MAVI’s Mobile Retail Network™ HUB middleware marketplace connects retailers’ existing eCommerce platforms for inventory, order, timing, loyalty, and curbside orchestration to the car’s dashboard interface. Eliminating the need for retailers to integrate with each car’s unique environment. The next evolution of OnMyWay™ shopping bringing customers and their data back to your curbside.
MAVI’s OnMyWay™ Commerce is

  • A retail marketplace that operates on any equipped vehicle’s dashboard display
  • Middleware tool and service that understands the detailed and complex needs and offerings of different kinds of retailers and services
  • A payments and curbside pickup orchestration platform providing the missing logistics functions needed to make OnMyWay™ work.

Driving In-Car Commerce. OnMyWay™


"HEY KITT, I'm Hungry!"  Your car will recommend your favorite options ready nearby.

Your car places and monitors the order using a unified secure payment system.

Your car coordinates curbside orchestration, including pickup location and ETA.

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